5 Tips To Turn Your Website Blog Into A Revenue Generating Engine

In today’s digital age, your website blog is one of the best tools for lead generation, brand awareness, trust in your business, and driving traffic to your website.

With a carefully crafted blog strayou can establish yourself as a trusted authority in your niche. Furthermore, consistently publishing original, unique articles that address your customers’ needs, interests, and concerns will drive demand for your products or services and build a loyal team of brand ambassadors. Finally, engaging blog posts keep visitors on your website longer, driving up search engine rankings.

This article will cover five tips on how you can drive revenue growth with your website blog:  

    1. Write about things that your target audience cares about.
    2. Keep it a mix of evergreen content and trending topics.
    3. Use headlines that capture attention within 6 seconds.
    4. Make sure your target audience can find you.
    5. Repurpose.

Website Blog ROI Is Proven

Before we dive into website blog best practices, consider these statistics:

Businesses that blog get 55% more visitors to their website through increased organic search traffic and blog promotion. (HubSpot)

Businesses that blog have a 126% higher growth in qualified leads and revenue than those without a website blog. (HubSpot)

Considering how much bandwidth you have left for writing blog posts, it might seem out of reach, but creating blog content is cheaper than traditional advertising yet generates three times as many leads. (Demand Metric)

70% of people prefer to get information from blogs than conventional ads. (Demand Metric)

68% of people like to read website blog articles from businesses that interest them, proving that blogs can be a revenue-generating engine. (SERP Watch)

The first five Google results get approximately 68% of the total clicks. Reaching that top-five spot is tough, but a robust content marketing strategy will improve your search engine ranking. And while you’re waiting to make it to the top five, your website blog articles increase your digital footprint and visibility among your target audience.

Websites that include a blog have 434% more indexed pages. (OptinMonster)

Now let’s jump into tips to help you turn your website blog into a revenue-generating engine.

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Write About Things That Your Target Audience Cares About

Write about things that your target audience cares about so they can better understand the challenges you solve for them. It sounds elementary, but if you havirst identified your target audience and created customer personas, you won’t know what they care about.

Once you’ve identified your target research their core issues, concerns, pain points, and interests.

By writing about what your target audience cares about, you’ll increase engagement and form a bond between your brand and your customers.

Keep A Mix Of Evergreen And Trending Content On Your Website Blog

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is not time-sensitive. It doesn’t cover the news or industry trends. Instead, evergreen content focuses on topics that remain relevant year after year. Furthermore, evergreen content should be unique and not found on other websites. As a result, evergreen content is one of your most valuable website assets.

Valuable evergreen content draws repeat visitors as your readers return to refresh their memory of the facts you’ve provided. Repeated views of the same articles signal to the search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. Furthermore, evergreen content boosts your organic reach, helps you get more backlinks, and increases your overall website traffic.

Trending Content And Industry Updates

Articles focusing on industry trends and global events demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your niche. Quality website blog articles will keep your readers returning for new posts as they look to you as a trusted resource. When a reader shares your articles, you’ll be able to extend your brand reach and gain new prospects.

Whether publishing evergreen or trending content, have a clear value proposition. Tell your readers early on what they’ll get from reading the article.

Use Headlines That Capture Attention Within 3 Seconds

According to statistics, 80% of your website visitors will read your headlines, but only 20% will continue to read the article.

Think of how many times per day you merely skim headlines of articles you see on the internet or that are forwarded to you by friends and colleagues. According to a Columbia University study, only 59% of the links shared on social media are clicked. Instead, people just read the headline and then share it without reading a single text.

What makes you take the time to click on an article and read it? Use this intelligence to generate attention-grabbing headlines for your website blog articles.

In addition to capturing your readers’ attention, your headline tells Google what your content is about. Search engine algorithms scan your content to ensure it matches your headline and determine your article’s value. An accurate, engaging headline combined with a high readership will help move you up the search engine rankings.

What’s going on?

    • Shortened attention spans
    • Digital content overload
    • The digitized ecosystem has altered the way our brains process information, forcing us to divide our attention and shortening our focusing ability.
    • Bias about the content. Many people share a link without reading the article because the headline confirms what they already believe. So it can be quite surprising when they read the article and discover that the headline was misleading!

Take the time to write your headlines before you write the article content.

    • Make an emotional connection with your headline.
    • Use words such as “How,” “Why,” “Tips,” and numbers to improve your open rate.
    • Make it clear in your headline how the article will address the issues your readers care about or how they will benefit from the article’s content.
    • Optimize your headline for SEO and text and voice search.

Make Sure Your Target Audience Can Find You

Many bloggers write for themselves and pay less attention to how many followers or readers their articles attract. But you want your website blog to be a revenue-generating engine. So you want to be sure that your target audience can find you.

Use keywords in your headlines and throughout the text to make it easier for people to find your content.

Link your website blog content to and from all your other digital channels.

Add videos to your articles. Your customers consume information differently. Some are short on time, so adding an introductory or summary video to your blog article will keep their loyalty. Videos also improve website dwell time, which helps you move up search engine ranking.

Once you’ve published your article, share it on your social media channels. Include share buttons on your articles so readers can immediately share them with their network.

Statistics on website blogs show that, on average, leads and sales increase by 300% when your content is shared on social media.

Consistently re-share your articles on your social media channels. On platforms like Twitter, for instance, posts have a very short shelf-life. Most of your followers will never see your tweet. So don’t be afraid to share your article multiple times.


Creating content takes time. According to most studies, it takes, on average more than four hours to write a website blog article. Therefore, maximize your efforts by repurposing your website blog content.

Repurposing content allows you to reach new audiences who prefer different content types. Furthermore, you secure an opportunity to rank for new keywords, extending the life of your content.

Turn your website blog articles into videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other video channels. Take advantage of the trend for short-form videos and turn your article into a series of shorts.

    • Create snippets to post on Twitter, or start a Twitter thread with the highlights from your article.
    • Create Slideshare presentations and sliders.
    • Use your article as the foundation for a podcast program.
    • Create infographics and quote images for Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram.
    • Repurpose your content by organizing similar articles into an ebook or online course.

Bottom Line

When you’re a small business owner or startup entrepreneur, it can be challenging to dedicate time to writing website content, especially when so much business can be conducted on social channels. However, a website blog will return more than you invest, especially if you follow the tips provided in this article. As always, setting goals, defining your target audience, and creating high-quality, engaging content ensures that your blog becomes a revenue-generating engine.


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