5 Tips For Digital Marketing In The New Normal

Effective Marketing in the New Normal is All About Technology

What does digital marketing in the new normal look like, and how do we remain competitive in the ecosystem we currently find ourselves in?

Over the past two years, industry insiders have attempted to predict when the new normal will revert to the “old normal.” But, as events continue to unfold, most agree that the new normal is here to stay. So the question is, should we expect an unknown reality to replace the ecosystem within which we currently find ourselves.

The answer is anyone’s guess, and we’ll leave it to those who love to make predictions. But, what is clear is that every sector of our economy and society continues to be impacted by a global event that no one imagined.

So now, as we get ready to enter 2022, what are some of the technological shifts that we need to embrace as the new routine continues?

#1 Chatbots

Consumer demand for exemplary service has not diminished. On the contrary, stressors, worries, and concerns have increased consumer expectations of brands as a stable, reliable resource to bring stability into their lives. So when they reach out to you with questions and requests, they want an immediate response—one that demonstrates that you know who they are—as a person.

A PwC study found that roughly 80% of American consumers believe that the main segments of a positive customer experience are: speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service.

AI Chatbots deliver an immediate response that personalizes the customer experience. Powered by AI machine learning, chatbots use natural language to communicate with your customers, creating a smooth purchasing process. In addition, chatbots are available 24/7, so no matter what time zone your customers are in, they’ll receive instant attention to their questions or problems.


#2 Marketing Automation

Many of your marketing tasks, such as email and advertising campaigns, LinkedIn messaging, and tracking engagement and interactions, are repetitive and can easily be shifted to automation tools.

Marketing automation also alleviates some of the labor in lead generation, freeing you or your team to focus on other aspects of business growth.

Real-time marketing automation tools help you create personalized offers for your customers based on where they are in the buyer process, previous purchases, and their habits and preferences.

Furthermore, marketing automation solutions provide you with the depth of analytical data that you need to evaluate your marketing performance. With these insights, you’ll know when and how to make necessary changes in your marketing strategy.

If you aren’t already using real-time marketing automation tools to boost your business performance, you might want to consider adding one.  Top performers are:

  • HubSpot Marketing Automation
  • Moosend and Mail Chimp (email marketing)
  • Omnisend (omnichannel marketing)
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social

#3 WhatsApp Will Boost Your Digital Marketing in the New Normal

According to Statista, WhatsApp has become the most popular global mobile messenger app. There are approximately 2 billion worldwide monthly active users outperforming Facebook Messenger. In addition, WhatsApp is the third most popular social network, following closely behind Facebook and YouTube.

WhatsApp Business API allows you to engage with your consumers like Instagram and Facebook, with catalogs, carts, and collections. With a business account, you can

  • provide your contact details, including address, business description, email address, and website, so your customers can instantly connect to you
  • immediately respond to your customers’ questions or concerns with automated messaging 24/7
  • set up an automated greeting to introduce your business to customers
  • create a brand community where you share your latest services or products, solicit feedback, engage in discussions relevant to your product or industry.

WhatsApp has staked its place among the established digital marketing platforms. With its mobile-first capabilities, the app offers the potential to outperform other social channels in the areas of seamless customer experience and personalized messaging.

#4 Digital Marketing in the New Normal Embraces Technology

If you weren’t digital before the pandemic, there is no doubt that you’ve had to leap into the hyper-digitalized world. As we’ve covered in previous articles, brands with minimal online presence immediately established one to survive the pandemic. Many businesses had to pivot to provide services online or risk losing their consumer base.

Digital-first has become a global mindset. As a result, if you want to grow your business, you have no choice but to enhance your use of digital tools. As the new routine continues in 2022, the widespread adoption of technology in operating systems, information, and marketing will flourish.

At the same time, this enhanced use of technology, such as SaaS, cloud computing, and 5G, leaves you vulnerable to crippling cyberattacks, such as ransomware. As a result, you’ll want to be sure to employ the most comprehensive cybersecurity programs to protect you and your consumers.

#5 Digital Marketing in the New Normal Changes How You Use Social Media

Social media like Facebook and Instagram have become more critical as the new normal continues, but how you use these channels has changed.

Millions of users are scrolling through their feeds at lightning speed. As a result, it’s challenging to grab their attention.

  • Emphasize visuals—high-quality videos and photographs
  • Shift away from the hard-sell approach
  • Incorporate storytelling and user-generated content
  • Form partnerships with other brands and influencers
  • Focus on educational content—not why your service or product is great but how your product or service improves their life.

Will the Metaverse Be the Next New Normal?

A discussion of navigating in the new normal wouldn’t be complete without touching on the metaverse. When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg introduced us to Meta, most commenters declared that it would be years before his vision of a virtual world would materialize. Well, it’s moving much more quickly. On 13 December 2021, Nike announced that it had acquired RTFKT, a digital sneakers company.

Bill Gates predicts that most office meetings will occur in the metaverse within three years. So, forget Zoom, grab your virtual Nikes and meet your team or clients in the virtual world. Microsoft has already proven its commitment by launching Mesh, a platform for virtual teams to collaborate in 3D space, using avatars. The next step, according to Gates, is the use of spatial audio, where speech sounds like it’s coming from your avatar. Startrek anyone?

What does it mean for your marketing strategy?

First, as we wrote in a previous article, nothing much will change in the short term. But, now is the time to take advantage of the topic’s popularity and incorporate it authentically into your social media content.

Secondly, stay on top of developments so you’ll be ready to jump in when the metaverse becomes more mainstream, which could be tomorrow in the new normal!

Bottom Line

The critical elements of your marketing strategy are not going to change. But, digital marketing in the new normal requires creativity, daring, experimentation, and a willingness to throw away the box.

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